Ali Cutonilli

Ali Cutonilli

Ali has been part of Matson Financial Advisors, Inc., team since 2016 with a focus on the firm’s financial planning and retirement plan clients. With a background in business and communication from The State University at Albany New York, she is passionate about working directly with clients as they share their stories and navigate towards their financial goals.

She grew up in the small town of Millbrook, New York, graduating with only 90 classmates, all of whom she knew very well! She was a competitive gymnast and avid volleyball player for most of her childhood and throughout her high school years.

In 2012 she joined her alma mater as the head volleyball coach for the junior varsity team for four seasons. At the conclusion of her seasons, she has assisted the varsity team alongside her former high school volleyball coach. The team’s winning record allowed them to participate in the 2013 and 2015 state championships.

With Ali’s two siblings, Ashley and Marc, and two nephews, Eli and Amaar, living nearby, spontaneous family dinners happen regularly. She also loves spending time outdoors, running, hiking, traveling, listening to music and spending time with her close friends…that she’s had since kindergarten!

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